Cheap Shoes For Women & Men Online Sale - SAVE 50% money

Cheap Shoes For Women & Men Online Sale - SAVE 50% money

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Privacy Notice

We do not disclose, rent or lease the information presented to us by third parties for marketing purposes, except as indicated in this statement.

We do not use your information for any reason, except as indicated in this policy, but to properly ship your order to you. You have the option to sign up for an account in the checkout process. This means that user data are stored on our servers.

We record your name, address and telephone number, if you register for an account with us. This is optional, but allows you to place further orders without having to enter the data again. Your data are stored in relation to orders that are not registered.

We use cookies to allow us to store tracking information to make your better user experience. Storing cookies includes: Items in your cart, usage statistics, and your favorite products. This information is not shared, and is deleted after a reasonable period of time.

We collect and store the data in a cookie that is sent securely to remarketing company, whose algorithms can determine whether you will see ads related to your browsing on other websites. You are able to choose these listings at any time.

We do not store your credit card. It turned into a cryptographic system bit 'safe SSL / 256 that passes through the SagePay payment provider. We do not even see it, so it can not be 'hacked' by our server.

Optionally, you can provide a phone number when ordering. This is generally used only if we are unable to contact you via e-mail.

If you want, you can contact us to have your profile deleted at any point in time. All sensitive data are processed over a secure server.

We do not send random marketing emails to personal email address (spam), but from time to time we send newsletters and special offers to customers of the registered e-mail addresses. All equipped with a facility for you to unsubscribe from this service by clicking on the link at the bottom of each newsletter sent. You can unsubscribe at any time through this process. To subscribe to the newsletter, you need to opt in both cases in the checkout, or elsewhere on the site.

During the checkout process, we can temporarily store your email address. This is not used for marketing purposes unless you opt in newsletter. You can send e-mail follow-up (s), if you do not complete the purchase process to remember the items in the basket for future reference.

Our entire collection and storage of data complies with data protection requirements.

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Cheap Shoes For Women & Men Online Sale - SAVE 50% money